課號/課程識別碼: DS5306 /Z01 U0061
授課教師: 康仕仲老師(工學院)、許永真老師(電機資訊學院)、毛慧芬老師(醫學院)

The theme of "Science and Technology for Elderly Welfare" is a design, thinking and practical course focusing on the concept of "Smart Aging Design". It is primarily concerned with elderly welfare, employs emerging smart life science and technology, and develop students as a "T" talent furnished with "design thinking, observation experience and professionalism" through the learning process of "real fields, real issues, real enterprises and real solutions". This course is based on the project of Stanford University Course ME310, keeps up the spirit of industry collaboration, and recruits interdisciplinary students from such as science, humanities, medicine and design who set up a team. Moreover, nursing for the elderly is introduced cross schools, and teachers in industrial design collaborate on teaching. It is expected to create a participatory and heuristic learning culture, and to put forward solutions to the aging society from practice.

Course content

"Smart aging design" is a practice design course which implements innovative teaching and requires broad participation. The course will work with enterprises on actual projects, and the students will form an interdisciplinary team to develop actual product/service programs over a school year.

"Smart aging design" hopes to find partners which are ambitious, engage in practice and are ready to face challenges and to surmount difficulties, and intends to develop teaching methods for interdisciplinary innovative teams. We attach great importance to every student, and for those who are interested in this course, please make sure that the following steps are completed