Stanley Wang D-School @ NTU

Design is a methodology (study) that spans various fields and disciplines, yet retains a human core. And, innovation serves as one of the most indispensable and important elements. An education that comprehensively promotes creativity and innovation, and that effectively integrates design-related events and curriculum resources of the school can cultivate T-type talents who take the initiative to solve problems and seek cross-field collaboration. As a result, National Taiwan University (NTU) approved the establishment of the Stanley Wang D-School @ NTU at its 2852nd administrative meeting to create an atmosphere that fosters innovation and an active design culture amongst teachers and students on campus.

The Stanley Wang D-School @ NTU (hereinafter referred to as “D-School”) serves as a functional division of the school whose primary mission is to foster interdisciplinary talent and offer courses in innovative design. The three primary objectives of D-School are:

Establish an interdisciplinary learning environment:

D-School is based on the belief that inspiration for design can be sparked through the collaboration of interdisciplinary experts and the sharing of different perspectives. As a result, each curriculum will have a designated theme, and its courses will be taught by NTU teachers and visiting professors from a multitude of academic disciplines. NTU students of all majors will have the opportunity to enroll in a D-School team and participate in a collaborative process where they may contribute by sharing knowledge from their respective domains.

Emphasize a hands-on approach:

Materializing design concepts in the real world helps turn ideas into solutions that solve actual problems. To achieve this, D-School will establish a hands-on labs for various levels of skill. By invoking the spirit of a maker, D-School encourages students to engage in rapid and effective product development throughout each course.

Solve problems:

The courses of D-School are taught with an emphasis on problem solving by using real world issues as course materials. Through discussions that span disciplines and by putting innovative solutions into practice, the school’s goal is to foster a creative energy within NTU to solve pressing problems for Taiwan and the rest of the world.

Based off existing courses offered by various NTU departments, the coursework of D-School provides students with the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary collaboration and gain professional expertise needed for creative thinking.

Workshop Curriculum (DS5100 Series):

This curriculum is aimed at cultivating basic learning skills and collaborative thinking abilities. Courses cover design thinking, user psychology, storytelling abilities, brainstorming, team collaboration techniques, etc...

Workshop Curriculum (DS5200 Series):

This curriculum is aimed at teaching the practical skills required for execution, and assists students in developing and implementing innovative ideas. Courses cover 3D printing practices, presentation training, big data analysis, drawing techniques, color science, app programming, sewing techniques, etc...

Workshop Curriculum (DS5300 Series):

This curriculum covers various real world problems to explore innovative solutions. Course materials include topics on energy, population, transportation, dwelling, agriculture, environmental protection, senior care, healthcare, etc...

Workshop Curriculum (DS5400 Series):

This curriculum is aimed at finding solutions to problems in particular industries and international social issues. Together with experts from different disciplines, NTU students will develop and execute solutions for various problems, while fostering pragmatic skills and an international perspective.

D-School’s successful operations are made possible by donations from NTU alumni Stanley T. Wang. In particular, Shuiyuan Campus’ Innovation Hub (InnoHub) was sponsored by NTU alumni. Today, D-School has received support and sponsorship in various forms from many industries. In the future, D-School holds ambitions to become the most important foundation for bringing innovative designs into the real world, in addition to serving as a model institution for fostering interdisciplinary talent and practicing social care.

Operational Objectives

Gather interdisciplinary experts and teachers, create an innovative atmosphere for the campus
Offer creative coursework, establish a diverse curriculum
Assist in the matchmaking and development of entrepreneurship, promote international collaboration between industry and academia
Focus the power of Taiwanese design, solve world issues together